Dim T for Tower Bridge

Date February 21, 2010

A restaurant for special occasions: Dim T More London. Easily the flagship of the small chain of cool and stylish pan-Asian restaurants, the sort of place where they play lounge music on the loos. Speaking of loos, it’s not easy to find the cabins…hint: the rear wall is not really a wall. People come here […]

Tas EV

Date February 20, 2010

Tas is the first restaurant I blogged about – in German at that time. And nothing has changed: fresh ingredients traditionally prepared, tasty and good value. The only difference to my first blog entry is that tonight we went to Tas EV, the flagship branch of this mini-chain of turkish-oriental oriented restaurants. So, nothing new […]

Tas EV plus Cocktails

Date February 20, 2010

Tas was the first restaurant I wrote about in this blog. In German, though. Yet I have nothing to add, except that I was in Tas’s flagship restaurant Tas Ev this time. Fresh ingredients, traditional cooking, indeed, tasty and good. Although they initially wanted us to have the group menu, just because I booked for […]

Seven Sisters

Date February 20, 2010

More than five years and I haven’t been to the Seven Sisters? [salbum=29,n,n,left] All change today: one hour after departing from Victoria Station, we found ourselves in Eastbourne and started a great 12km-walk along the coastline. The projected lunch stop at the Beachy Head Pub was a bit of a letdown: the pub itself is […]

Monmouth Coffee Co Borough Market

Date February 19, 2010

A real treat, smooth yet zesty enough for a pleasant kick. I have mentioned before how much I like Monmouth Coffee Company, and I am a regular visitor. Not on a daily basis, not even weekly, but every now and then when I am craving for a reward, a coffee from Monmouth lifts my spirits […]

Lamb, Bloomsbury

Date February 18, 2010

Contrary to popular belief, and even contradicting all signage, the name of this pub has nothing to do with sheep: it rather refers to William Lamb, a 16th century citizen who built a conduit, which today only lives on in the street name Lamb’s Conduit Street, where the Lamb is based. This pub is definitely […]