Callaghans Bloomsbury

Date February 5, 2010 | Map

It is not easy to decide what Callaghans is. It is part of a hotel, but not a hotel bar. It is a pub with an Irish theme, but too polished for an Irish pub. They often serve German food, but this is because of the hotel’s German chef, who is also serving the Junction Bar & Restaurant in the same building. They have several screens, but it is not quite a sports bar. They play music, perhaps a little too loud, yet this is most definitely neither a club nor a night bar. The look is more traditional than trendy, but they don’t have any real ales.

Maybe it tries too hard to be a bit of everything. The consequence is an awkward mix of elements that do not form a coherent whole. The good thing about this is that Callaghans is usually not overcrowded, so when the surrounding pubs are too full, this is a spillover location, usually with ample space to get a seat a table. If you fancy a pint away from the crowds but still in the centre of Bloomsbury, then Callaghans might be an alternative. But while the pub food is actually not too bad, I am afraid Callaghans will always remain second-, no, rather third-choice for me.

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