Rugby Tavern

Date February 10, 2010 | Map

This one has certainly become my most visited pub: The Rugby Tavern. Tucked away in Rugby Street off Lamb’s Conduit Street in the Bloomsbury/Holborn area, it is rather surprising that this pub features an outside sitting area on a sort of pedestrian-only mini-plaza that you would not necessarily expect here. I suppose no tourist would ever come this way, so this decent pub is left to arty locals and nearby office folk. Which is good.

Rugby Tavern

Rugby Tavern, by Ewan-M via flickr

Sure, there are more spectacular pubs in the area, for example the famous Lamb two blocks further up, but most other pubs are actually worse, and the Rugby Tavern tends to be less crowded. The food is ok: Solid standard, though no overexciting challenge for the tastebuds. Master Brew and Spitfire are the standard ales, and lager friends may welcome the Kirin tap.

Unfortunately, the fireplace is not in use anymore, however, this pub is as pub-ish as pubs can get: Carpet, flowers on the outside facade, comfy leather sofas in one corner, and an upstairs function room. A nice local, perhaps not worth coming from afar, but enjoyable and good enough for multiple return visits.

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