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Date January 13, 2010 | Map

Chain restaurants can have acceptance problems: they may be able to build a community of fans and supporters, but anti-globalists and individualists tend to treat them with scepticism and a critical attitude. I have known Giraffe since they had about four restaurants in London; meanwhile they have expanded quite a bit. I must say that I found the orange-based world food atmosphere welcoming and comfortable at my first visit to the original Giraffe in Hampstead about six years ago. Menu and music offered familiar items with a slight twist, though the twist was maybe just the fact that multiple continents were represented on the menu.

Giraffe, by Pigsaw via flickr

Giraffe Restaurant, by Pigsaw via flickr

Today we decided to try Giraffe’s Islington branch, equipped with a 40% voucher – an offer you cannot easily refuse. I went for the tangy and spiced turkey enchilada, which turned out to be less spicy than expected, but tasty, generous and optically pleasing. I was far less impressed by the drinks menu and had to discover that I do not really like Swedish cider, which I should have remembered from a previous unpleasant experience. Next time I will go for wine or any of the non-alcoholic drinks. And chain restaurant or not, there will be a next time.

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