Wasabi at The O2

Date January 24, 2010 | Map

A little bit of sushi every now and then is a delight. Tonight’s visit at The O2’s Wasabi was a welcome opportunity to have some, and luckily this North Greenwich Branch has a conveyor belt, which makes the whole experience fun. Or stressful, because you really need to be alert, in particular when you have a packed two-row belt on two stories to observe!

Wasabi Napkin, by tripu via flickr

Wasabi Napkin, by tripu via flickr

Wasabi is one of London’s cheapest sushi chains, and they usually sell pre-packaged sushi items from their refridgerator units. Their conveyor belt at The O2 has only been added at a later stage, and it has now taken over the best part of the shop floor, reducing the space for take-away customers a lot, compared to their original layout. I will not complain, and even though belt prices are much higher, it is still a good value meal. Ok, I admit I have had better sushis elsewhere, for example at the all-time favourite Hare and Tortoise or Soho’s upmarket So Restaurant, yet Wasabi is a solid choice, especially considering the alternatives at this venue formerly known as the Millennium Dome.

And the 360° panorama on The O2 website is cool. Note that this branch has all you can eat from the conveyor belt when there are no concerts in the arena.

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