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This week turns out to be sushi week, after last Sunday and a bit of unexpected Itsu takeway sashimi leftovers at work. As a part of the YO! Company, YO! Sushi is the catering arm of that business and operates a chain of conveyor belt restaurants, initially across the UK only, but I hear they are now also present elsewhere, such as Ireland, the Middle East and Russia. I would say, YO! Sushi fits in between the bargain sushi chain Wasabi and fellow conveyor belter Itsu, both in terms of price and quality, however that also depends on when you visit.

YO! Sushi, by fboosman via flickr.com

YO! Sushi, by fboosman via flickr.com

YO! Sushi often has special offers to cut prices significantly, and that’s what we did tonight: 40% off turned an otherwise £20+ dinner into a very affordable £13-£15 affair. And I really like their table layouts, including the white fake-leather sofas with built-in bottle buckets at the end of the backrests, and no, these buckets do not necessarily have to be used for champagne. Definitely the most comfortable of all low-to-normal budget conveyor belt chains.

The choice on the belt was good, and it changed quite a bit over the time we were there. This is always a good sign, as it is an indicator of freshness. Also, the belt was not so overloaded as the one last Sunday, although I must say the quality of the sushi at our recent Wasabi visit was definitely on par with YO! today, in other words definitely above supermarket sushi but below sushi in non-belt restaurants. Anyways, I will happily return with a voucher in my hand, but if I was to pay the full price, I would probably go elsewhere.

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