Entries from February 2010

Up and down Rich Bricks

Date February 27, 2010

Strange title for a post. It is an unimaginative attempt at meshing a whole evening into a short phrase: a drink at Redchurch Bar, followed by Up in the Air at Rich Mix cinema, followed by a curry on Brick Lane, followed by a final pint at Woodin’s Shades. Be the first to like. Like […]

Fleet River Bakery

Date February 26, 2010

Just a little bit too far from my office for the lunch break lies the Fleet River Bakery at the edge of Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Pity, because the food offerings look gorgeous – though don’t expect varieties of bread here, because the bakery products are focusing on cakes: it’s a proper bistro-café. Oh how I’d […]

Jackie Leven at the Slaughtered Lamb

Date February 23, 2010

I’ve been kissed by a man! Eeek!!It was my first time ever, and most probably won’t happen again (sorry to disappoint). Of course, my kisser wasn’t any random man, but more on that later – first things first. Jackie Leven & Michael Cosgrave Last Of The BadmenVideomann | MySpace Video I have been following Jackie […]

Little Bay Farringdon

Date February 23, 2010

Is it French? Is it Modern British? Hard to say, but it’s cheap! This mini-chain of restaurants serves French-oriented food, I’d say, and considering the price, I find it good value. Tonight was my second visit, and although there are mixed reviews, I cannot fault the quality of the food. Well-seasoned, nicely cooked dishes, served […]

illy at Tate Modern Members Café

Date February 21, 2010

The main attraction of Tate Modern’s Members’ Room is undoubtedly the view. Judge for yourself: Tate Modern’s 360° Panorama (inside) urban75’s 360° Panorama (south terrace) However, they do decent coffee, too, hence this article in the commoncoffee series. The illy they serve might not be in the Monmouth or Square Mile league, yet it is […]

Dim T for Tower Bridge

Date February 21, 2010

A restaurant for special occasions: Dim T More London. Easily the flagship of the small chain of cool and stylish pan-Asian restaurants, the sort of place where they play lounge music on the loos. Speaking of loos, it’s not easy to find the cabins…hint: the rear wall is not really a wall. People come here […]