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Date January 2, 2012 | Map

Well…I admit defeat: This blog is dead.

I highly admire all those London bloggers who manage to keep writing great stuff in regular intervals. I don’t have the time. Hence I shouldn’t blog. Who needs another London blog anyways when there are so many other excellent examples?

My personal top three are:

There are, of course, many more, and now there is one less. And that’s a relief for me, because it’s one less thing on the edge of the mind, thus removing some of the bad conscience that steadily grows with every item undone. I originally started this blog in an attempt to retain a ‘feel’ for writing in my native language (German), and later switched to gain more routine in writing in another language (English). Useful and enjoyable at the time, but a major time investment: With every article taking between 20 minutes and two hours, I spent days exercising my writing skills. But as I sit in front of a screen all day, I much prefer spending my spare time doing something other than occupying an office chair in an isolated room.

I will still share things here and there, some things public, some things hidden from public view. The heres and theres are listed on my landing page over at www.commonline.org, and at the moment I expect Google+ to become my main hub for all content that I produce, which is mostly photos, occasionally a video, and sometimes a bit of text with an added hyperlink or so. Google’s engineers still have to do quite a lot to meet my requirements, so I won’t retire my Twitter feed just yet, but G+ is heading in the right direction and suits my workflow nicely.

This site, commonlondon, will remain live, but only as an archive.

Right, this is it.
All that remains is a friendly invitation to visit my Google+ page, and, if you want, to add me to one of your circles.
Or follow me on Twitter.

commonliner on google+: plus.commonline.org
commonliner on twitter: twitter.com/commonliner

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