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Tas EV plus Cocktails

Date February 20, 2010

Tas was the first restaurant I wrote about in this blog. In German, though. Yet I have nothing to add, except that I was in Tas’s flagship restaurant Tas Ev this time. Fresh ingredients, traditional cooking, indeed, tasty and good. Although they initially wanted us to have the group menu, just because I booked for […]

Monmouth Coffee Co Borough Market

Date February 19, 2010

A real treat, smooth yet zesty enough for a pleasant kick. I have mentioned before how much I like Monmouth Coffee Company, and I am a regular visitor. Not on a daily basis, not even weekly, but every now and then when I am craving for a reward, a coffee from Monmouth lifts my spirits […]

Monmouth Coffee Company

Date February 9, 2010

Whoa, what a cracker! One flat white and I was literally jumping across Hungerford Bridge! Monmouth Coffee Company is by far my favourite local roaster. On my way back home, I passed their café in Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, where it all began in 1978. The roasting is now done in railway arches in Bermondsey, […]

Sushi at Hare and Tortoise

Date January 28, 2010

Another day, another sushi – it really is commonliner’s sushi week. And save the best for last, no conveyor belt this time, but the all-time affordable favourite Hare & Tortoise at The Brunswick in Bloomsbury. The H&T is without doubt my most-visited restaurant in London, thanks not only to its proximity to my workplace, but […]

YO! Sushi Poland Street

Date January 27, 2010

This week turns out to be sushi week, after last Sunday and a bit of unexpected Itsu takeway sashimi leftovers at work. As a part of the YO! Company, YO! Sushi is the catering arm of that business and operates a chain of conveyor belt restaurants, initially across the UK only, but I hear they […]

606 Club with Caroline Loftus and Bryan Spring

Date January 26, 2010

Behind the unassuming door pictured below in the middle of West Bromptonian nowhere lies one of Europe’s finest Jazz clubs. The 606 Club got its name from its original location in 606 Kings Road, and it transferred its reputation and name to the new location in Lots Road, a residential area plus some industry such […]