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Date February 27, 2010 | Map

Strange title for a post. It is an unimaginative attempt at meshing a whole evening into a short phrase: a drink at Redchurch Bar, followed by Up in the Air at Rich Mix cinema, followed by a curry on Brick Lane, followed by a final pint at Woodin’s Shades.

1. Redchurch Bar

Redchurch Bar

by Ewan-M via flickr

Looks a bit like a mini hunting lodge with a trendy makeover. Definitely not a beer pub, but the cocktail menu looks nice. Quite an ok bar when it’s early (and empty) as it is comfy and relaxed, but I would not travel far for it. We had a quick beer each, lager obviously, as there is nothing else, and let me confirm: this is not a beer pub.

The Redchurch Website
Beer in the Evening
Fancy a Pint

2. Rich Mix

Rich Mix

by Ewan-M via flickr

I have driven past, but never went in so far. The café was not staffed and the restaurant was closed because of an evening function. Modern building with some sort of gallery space. The house feels more like an office complex than a cultural centre, and the stairs up to the cinema make you wonder if you are heading the right way (plus it’s quite a trek from the box office). Inside, however, awaits you a particularly impressive modern cinema theatre: nicely decorated, and really comfortable seats, plus cheap – what more do you want? I will most definitely come back, and so should you!

Rich Mix Website

3. Up in the Air

Up in the Air


Is it the role or is George Clooney a bit limited in terms of facial expressions? He can smile, alright, but I felt one could not read a great variety of moods in his face. That did not distract, however, from an otherwise solid performance along the two other main roles, and overall I think it was a likeable movie, of the kind that gives a mainstream audience just enough to think about.

Up in the Air Website
Internet Movie Database
Rotten Tomatoes

4. Standard Balti House

Standard Balti House

by Kake Pugh via flickr

Yes, I know, the best curry is served off Brick Lane, but I must say some of the Brick Lane curry restaurants are actually not too bad. And I was out with somebody who has not yet been to Brick Lane before, so that is part of the experience. Not much haggling to be done tonight, though – not on a weekend, and not with the restaurant I targeted: if the rule is true that the really good restaurants don’t give much discount, then the Standard Balti House must be pretty good. Well, I think so; the menu is extensive, the dishes are not overpowered by sugar, and they don’t weigh your stomach down after a few hours.

Standard Balti House Website
London Eating

5. Woodin’s Shades

Woodins Shades

by Ewan-M via flickr

Almost directly opposite Liverpool Street Station on Bishopsgate, I have walked past umpteen times but only made my first order tonight. I tried before, but we were rejected as they were just about to close. I was surprised by the number of ales on offer, though the Nutty Black did not go down too well. However, I am willing to give this pub another chance – if it’s not too full, which it usually is. Not tonight, though; after some time we found a space to rest our glasses and sit down a little.

Beer in the Evening
Fancy a Pint


That’s what I call a good night out!

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