Lamb, Bloomsbury

Date February 18, 2010 | Map

Contrary to popular belief, and even contradicting all signage, the name of this pub has nothing to do with sheep: it rather refers to William Lamb, a 16th century citizen who built a conduit, which today only lives on in the street name Lamb’s Conduit Street, where the Lamb is based. This pub is definitely worth a visit, even from afar.

Snob Screens at the Lamb

Snob Screens at the Lamb, by 1gl via flickr

One of the appeals of the Lamb is definitely its interior: the whole U-shaped bar is fitted with etched glass screens, which were designed to hide the bar staff from punters in an attempt to enhance privacy for the latter group. These panels can still be closed, so that you don’t have to watch grumpy staff at work while sipping your hop juice and enjoying the time with your mates. However, most often the screens are now left open, and fortunately the bar staff usually do not display any grumpiness, but serve you well-kept ales from Youngs instead.

Guest ales on rota make you want to come again, though you may want to watch your timing: this pub can get extremely busy. From today’s experience, I can confirm that 4.00pm is a good time for a pint, as you won’t have any trouble finding a seat. One hour later, though, the pub is usually heaving. They serve food and have a good reputation for doing so, though I never managed to sample any dish myself, apart from a bowl of chips. Maybe next time.

Oh, and there is a tiny garden in the back – for about eight people. Overall, I am absolutely not surprised that the Lamb gets highest marks from Fancy a Pint and Time Out London. Review
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