illy at Tate Modern Members Café

Date February 21, 2010 | Map

The main attraction of Tate Modern’s Members’ Room is undoubtedly the view. Judge for yourself:

However, they do decent coffee, too, hence this article in the commoncoffee series. The illy they serve might not be in the Monmouth or Square Mile league, yet it is decent enough to be enjoyable from a proper cup.

Interestingly, illy is not illy: they may base some of their fame on constant quality, yet at Tate Modern it becomes clear that the barista is an important factor in the coffee preparation process. Elsewhere, illy coffee sometimes does not taste half as good. And the milk foam pattern is nothing short of perfect.

Not sure if you’ll agree, but I think illy coffee does not need to be enjoyed pure, or with milk only. So I definitely suggest ordering a moccha here at Tate, as I usually do: not too sweet, rather a dark chocolate moccha with a sturdy body. Not too aggressive, but strong enough to please. Perfect enjoyment for the north balcony, were it a bit warmer. But we stayed indoors on two perfect seats on the perfectly positioned sofa opposite the panoramic windows, taking in the perfect view of St Paul’s dome bathed in perfect winter sunlight.


It’s not all about coffee, you know.

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