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Date February 23, 2010 | Map

Is it French? Is it Modern British? Hard to say, but it’s cheap! This mini-chain of restaurants serves French-oriented food, I’d say, and considering the price, I find it good value. Tonight was my second visit, and although there are mixed reviews, I cannot fault the quality of the food. Well-seasoned, nicely cooked dishes, served in an extravagantly decorated restaurant at friendly prices. That’s the concept of Little Bay, that’s what you get.


Duck at Little Bay Farringdon, by mseasons via

Tonight, I went for the breast of duck with steamed pak choi, honey and ginger jus, plus some goose-fat fried, err, french fries, as they call their chips. Must be French, not Modern British, then. The dish did indeed resemble mseasons’s brilliant photo above, and I really liked the taste of it: this is not bland stuff that you would get in pretentious gastropubs, this is food prepared by people who have not yet lost their tastebuds. Maybe we were lucky, but then I am grateful that luck comes in pairs, as my first visit at this place was equally convincing.

This venue is not huge. They have a downstairs area, but you would definitely prefer to sit upstairs, ideally at the large front windows, as we did. Maybe thanks to our last-minute reservation, maybe just because it was not overly full. Little Bay is renowned for their slightly quirky decor, which is a bit over the top, though the only outstanding feature at the Farringdon branch is a giant face mask. Little Bay also does opera nights, though not at this branch. And we were very happy not to be harrassed by a table-side opera singer, when all we wanted was a good dinner in preparation for the rest of what turned out to be a fantastic evening.

I have definitely had much, much worse meals and will happily try my luck a third time.
Whatever you order, get extra vegetables with it. They’re nice.

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  1. Singaporean in Londo schreibt:

    I recall that there was a promotion from Little Bay Farringdon some time back when you were asked to pay whatever you deemed fit. Didn't get a chance to try it then as the place was packed. But that stretch together with Exmouth Market remains my favorite bit in London with its wide selection of cafes, eateries and restaurants.

    Thanks for the writeup!

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