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Date February 19, 2010 | Map

A real treat, smooth yet zesty enough for a pleasant kick.

I have mentioned before how much I like Monmouth Coffee Company, and I am a regular visitor. Not on a daily basis, not even weekly, but every now and then when I am craving for a reward, a coffee from Monmouth lifts my spirits and re-tunes the finer sensors of my tastebuds. Today, after a long supermarket shopping spree, I felt a definite need to reward myself, and as I was heading to Borough Market anyways, I quite obviously found myself in Monmouth’s always-present queue. While on a busy Saturday, wait times can be as long as half an hour or more, I managed to be in and out in just a few minutes today.

Today’s roast of the week was Alto del Obispo y Sevilla, a Colombian dark roast. And I have learned my lesson: no flat white, no pure espresso, but a latte, just as a precaution in case it was a bit too strong. Wise decision, though I need not have worried: this coffee had a pleasant balance of body and acidity, and I would classify it as one for any occasion. It did not last for too long, but was interesting enough to require some appreciation time for the subleties of the aroma. £2.30 invested well.

The Borough Market branch must be Monmouth’s most popular café. One large table provides some sitting space, but most punters come for the take-away, which is fair enough, because you can enjoy your coffee either while perusing the Borough Market or strolling along the Thames. Brill.

Monmouth Coffee Co, Borough Market, by Manic Street Preacher via flickr

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