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Date February 20, 2010 | Map

Tas was the first restaurant I wrote about in this blog. In German, though. Yet I have nothing to add, except that I was in Tas’s flagship restaurant Tas Ev this time. Fresh ingredients, traditional cooking, indeed, tasty and good. Although they initially wanted us to have the group menu, just because I booked for seven people (four turned up in the end). Thankfully they agreed to let us order from the a la carte menu, because (a) it was much cheaper and (b) it provided a much better choice. What is this with group menus? I mean, I understand that groups are easier to accommodate with such menus, but do they always have to be more expensive and far less inspiring? Not that the Tas group menu is bad, but a group of only seven people in a restaurant that can easily host a three-digit number of guests should by default be offered the a la carte menu, especially when not forewarned at the time of booking.

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Anyways, I’ll happily return, simply because I think the food is really good, especially the mezze platters. I could have this every day. And unbelievable as it seems, I paid my very first visit to the Ev Cocktail Bar with its waterfall feature, despite living almost within spitting distance, figuratively speaking. And the barman noticed: “I haven’t seen you here before”, he said. Good guess or good memory? Does not matter, my cocktail was nice indeed. Shame that we were the only customers on a Saturday night at around 10pm.

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