Fleet River Bakery

Date February 26, 2010

Just a little bit too far from my office for the lunch break lies the Fleet River Bakery at the edge of Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Pity, because the food offerings look gorgeous – though don’t expect varieties of bread here, because the bakery products are focusing on cakes: it’s a proper bistro-café. Oh how I’d […]

illy at Tate Modern Members Café

Date February 21, 2010

The main attraction of Tate Modern’s Members’ Room is undoubtedly the view. Judge for yourself: Tate Modern’s 360° Panorama (inside) urban75’s 360° Panorama (south terrace) However, they do decent coffee, too, hence this article in the commoncoffee series. The illy they serve might not be in the Monmouth or Square Mile league, yet it is […]

Monmouth Coffee Co Borough Market

Date February 19, 2010

A real treat, smooth yet zesty enough for a pleasant kick. I have mentioned before how much I like Monmouth Coffee Company, and I am a regular visitor. Not on a daily basis, not even weekly, but every now and then when I am craving for a reward, a coffee from Monmouth lifts my spirits […]

Monmouth Coffee Company

Date February 9, 2010

Whoa, what a cracker! One flat white and I was literally jumping across Hungerford Bridge! Monmouth Coffee Company is by far my favourite local roaster. On my way back home, I passed their café in Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, where it all began in 1978. The roasting is now done in railway arches in Bermondsey, […]

Let’s Graze

Date January 8, 2010

This was a totally random find. I was happily walking back from a visit to a genius and wanted to reward myself, and as Oxford Street is not the most rewarding place for people like me, I decided to explore the side streets. In Eastcastle Street, a small café was advertising Union Hand-Roasted coffee: enough […]


Date January 8, 2010

Now that I have sort of re-launched my blog, I thought it is time to enliven it with new features: welcome to my first non-regular themed article series. commoncoffee will report on the coffee culture in London and feature the good and bad of London’s coffee-making scene. Because I like my coffee, though I admit […]