British Music Experience

Date February 7, 2010

The British Music Experience (BME) at The O2 is supposed to be an interactive museum, so expect lots of flashy displays and things to touch. At £15, the entrance fee is rather hefty and on par with other major London attractions. Therefore, the exhibition better be good! Of course I didn’t pay the full amount, […]

606 Club with Caroline Loftus and Bryan Spring

Date January 26, 2010

Behind the unassuming door pictured below in the middle of West Bromptonian nowhere lies one of Europe’s finest Jazz clubs. The 606 Club got its name from its original location in 606 Kings Road, and it transferred its reputation and name to the new location in Lots Road, a residential area plus some industry such […]

Palm Tree

Date January 2, 2010

Ah, the Palm Tree. The music, the decor, the ale, the landlords, the punters. Off the beaten track in Mile End Park, between Mile End Road and Roman Road, close to Regent’s Canal. Unassuming from the outside, it attracted a couple of bad user comments on various pub review websites. Probably written by locals in […]

Concert at the Musical Museum

Date January 1, 2010

A museum for automatic musical instruments. Just the place for me: I have always wanted to go there, but never quite made it. Until today: the New Year’s Day afternoon concert seemed to be an appropriate activity for the first day of the new year. [salbum=23,n,n,right] And I should have known what to expect: old […]