Westminster Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge

Date January 31, 2010

Not often do I have a reason to cross Vauxhall Bridge, yet this Grade II* listed bridge is quite impressive. Not just for its views: Battersea Powerstation on one side, the Palace of Westminster on the other, the SIS aka MI6 Building on the southern riverbank, which is actually in eastwards, Tate Britain on the […]

Happy 2010

Date January 1, 2010

Tourists are doing it, locals tend not to, I did it: I went to the official New Year’s fireworks display at the London Eye. To Victoria Embankment, directly opposite the Eye, the most sought after place, where crowds must be densest. Am I insane? [salbum=22,n,n,right] Adventurous, rather. Actually, I am a repeat offender, as I […]