Date January 1, 2010 | Map

Here we go: I am now blogging in English. Look at the language selector!

This blog is about anecdotal ramblings on life in London and occasionally beyond. Restaurants, pubs, shows, concerts, fireworks, walks, events, whatever. London has so much to offer.

And as I am now celebrating five years in London, I thought this would be a brilliant opportunity to make some changes to this blog. The most obvious change is the language: so far, I have blogged exclusively in German, but not anymore. Welcome to my bi-lingual blog:

  • Articles covering 2005-2009 will be in German.
  • Articles from 2010 onwards will be in English.

Should you discover any article of interest in a language that you cannot quite understand, leave a comment or drop me an email and I will translate it. Probably.

There are still some quirks while I try to get the bi-lingual website functions in place. For example, the map display does not seem to like English articles, and English can’t be the default home page (bookmark instead). But I hope this will be solved eventually.

Happy event-ing in London,

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