Fleet River Bakery

Date February 26, 2010 | Map

Just a little bit too far from my office for the lunch break lies the Fleet River Bakery at the edge of Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Pity, because the food offerings look gorgeous – though don’t expect varieties of bread here, because the bakery products are focusing on cakes: it’s a proper bistro-café.

commoncoffee Oh how I’d love to sit down for a while and enjoy nice pastries, but no, today I am just picking up a coffee to go. I have chosen my venue carefully, of course, as I have been told that the Fleet River Bakery serves Monmouth Coffee. Just the standard blend but that is not a bad thing.

While waiting for the coffee to be prepared, you can wonder why there is almost a square metre of a see-through glass tile in the floor just in front of the coffee counter. To provide the cellar with daylight? Or a design feature to make customers like me wonder? Anyways, a nice little quirk.

Fleet River Bakery

Fleet River Bakery, by LoopZilla via flickr

The coffee itself is good Monmouth quality and well prepared. Not as strong as what you get from Monmouth directly, and therefore ideal for a flat white – I had it as a latte, though. As Monmouth is just a few minutes down the West End maze of side streets, I cannot see myself buying coffees here in great quantity, but as a place to sit and relax a little, it is a nice breakfast or afternoon haven in the middle of a busy area. And let’s not forget the food.

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