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Up and down Rich Bricks

Date February 27, 2010

Strange title for a post. It is an unimaginative attempt at meshing a whole evening into a short phrase: a drink at Redchurch Bar, followed by Up in the Air at Rich Mix cinema, followed by a curry on Brick Lane, followed by a final pint at Woodin’s Shades. Be the first to like. Like […]

Avatar 3D at the IMAX

Date February 16, 2010

No need to write much about Avatar, Cameron’s epic movie has been through the press up and down the globe. Earth, that is, I doubt it has been reviewed on the Na’vi’s home planet. However, this is a movie that must be seen in 3D, which is what we did, in style on Britain’s largest […]

Mamma Mia! indeed

Date January 24, 2010

Right. Why was I here in the middle of a wig-wearing, spandex-clad and female-dominated gathering of Abba fans? Ah yes, free tickets, always a good excuse. And the spectacle factor of seeing a movie on the largest flown projection screen to date. And the general experience of being inside The O2 arena. And the fun […]

Sherlock Holmes

Date January 23, 2010

I remember a piece of homework back in school when we were tasked with completing a fragment of a Sherlock Holmes story, which was not familiar to any of us. In my version, I got so close to the real Doyle that neither my friend nor the teacher would believe that I had not read […]


Date January 11, 2010

“Mr Rusk, you are not wearing your tie!” Last words of Alfred Hitchcock’s penultimate movie Frenzy, closing the story without any post-climax resolution in the most direct way with uncompromising clarity. While the film does not tell at all what would happen next, we all can be sure, because at the end all storylines and […]