Seven Sisters

Date February 20, 2010 | Map

More than five years and I haven’t been to the Seven Sisters?


All change today: one hour after departing from Victoria Station, we found ourselves in Eastbourne and started a great 12km-walk along the coastline. The projected lunch stop at the Beachy Head Pub was a bit of a letdown: the pub itself is great, but we were told to wait 45 minutes for any food, no chance to get even a simple soup or a bowl of chips in less time. Strange, because the pub layout suggests that they regularly draw crowds, which is not entirely unreasonable to expect on a sunny Saturday, even in February. Regretfully, we left, but only after sampling a pint. The rest of the story is easily told in photos – click on the image for 38 pictures.

Alternative route map, in case the map for this article is not working correctly.

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