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Great to have creative friends: it is a lovely idea to rent a youth hostel for a fortieth birthday celebration. It is even better when the hostel is at the sea. January, though, may not be the best time to visit, but is that a hindrance? Of course not, so a nice group of people spent a weekend in Hunstanton, a seaside town in Norfolk, also known as Sunny Hunny. The Saturday wasn’t quite as sunny as this nickname suggests, but we were quite lucky on the Sunday.

[salbumthumbs=26,1,n,n,right]This small town is clearly a family resort with not much going on in winter. The main beach promenade is unfortunately dull, dominated by concrete structures that host the usual cheap entertainment establishments. Hunstanton is, however, really good for walking, thanks to its rather spectacular coastline of stratified cliffs and rolling dunes. Old Hunstanton also features a fantastic country pub, the Ancient Mariner Inn, with an ultra-comfortable open fireplace, and a quite interesting old church.

Beer in the Evening: Ancient Mariner Inn

The actual birthday party took place in the Golden Lion hotel bar, which coincidentally had an entertainment night going on: a singer with a karaoke machine, trying to entertain the crowd for an hour or so. Without us, the crowd would have been two people, and the overall scene was quite bizarre, as if we were beamed straight into a depressing road movie. However, I bet what followed made it a night to remember for the entertainer…we all had tremendous fun (yes, including the entertainer, a really good singer). Overall a great weekend, even though my camera gave up and refused to take any photos on the sunny day, so I actually have no photographic evidence of Hunny being Sunny. I will definitely be back to explore the Norfolk coast in greater detail.

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