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Wasabi at The O2

Date January 24, 2010

A little bit of sushi every now and then is a delight. Tonight’s visit at The O2‘s Wasabi was a welcome opportunity to have some, and luckily this North Greenwich Branch has a conveyor belt, which makes the whole experience fun. Or stressful, because you really need to be alert, in particular when you have […]

Hummus Bros Cheapside

Date January 22, 2010

I am so lucky to work within walking distance of a Hummus Bros branch. And today I had the one item from their menu that I haven’t had before. Yes, I am now through their complete menu! Not only that, my lunch today was even free: Hummus Bros were opening their new branch next to […]

Giraffe Islington

Date January 13, 2010

Chain restaurants can have acceptance problems: they may be able to build a community of fans and supporters, but anti-globalists and individualists tend to treat them with scepticism and a critical attitude. I have known Giraffe since they had about four restaurants in London; meanwhile they have expanded quite a bit. I must say that […]

Cream Tea Chronicles: National Portrait Gallery

Date January 10, 2010

Twice makes a tradition. And so we held our traditional New Year’s Cream Tea as usual last year in the Portrait Restaurant at the top of the National Portrait Gallery. A special place, this Portrait Restaurant, especially for its fine view of Trafalgar Square, including the back of Nelson, Whitehall, and the Palace of Westminster. […]

Let’s Graze

Date January 8, 2010

This was a totally random find. I was happily walking back from a visit to a genius and wanted to reward myself, and as Oxford Street is not the most rewarding place for people like me, I decided to explore the side streets. In Eastcastle Street, a small café was advertising Union Hand-Roasted coffee: enough […]